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Color zoning was used for the entire space of the apartment in Mendelsohn Residential Complex. Each zone had its own color mood.

A kitchen in Diplomat Residential Complex is placed in the transit area. So it allowed to make it discreet, without an accent, and arrange a dining room and a comfortable living room

Design of an apartment in Two Epochs Residential Complex is made in bright monochrome and warm colors with color contrasts in the form of gray-green shades that can be changed optionally

Clients tired of the neutral gray interior of their apartment from the very beginning told us that they were ready for complex color combinations and dark spaces

The interior of a two-room apartment is a combination of classic layout solutions and interior elements of the contemporary style

The entire apartment in Mendelsohn Residential Complex was made in rather sober and soft colors, with bright complex shades of blue

Дизайн-проект коттеджа

On the first floor of the house there is a spacious living room with daylighting, where the height of the ceilings is emphasized with an arrangement of small glass lamps

The main wishes of the clients were to make the design in the contemporary style, with the use of furniture mostly from Ikea store

The warm pastel color palette and bright color contrasts refreshing the interior and making the mood were used in the design of a one-room apartment

The general style of the apartment is the contemporary style with elements of minimalism. The main accent is a group of sliding metal partitions

The main wish of the client was to create the interior in the Art Deco style, with the maximum use of natural materials and minimum of modern equipment

Contrast solutions in the rooms break the monotony of the interior of an apartment in Privilegia Residential Complex and add the complexity to the laconic space