Interior design of an apartment in Graf Orlov Residential Complex

Large and bright apartment in Graf Orlov Residential Complex with a total floor area of 140 sq.m. for a family of three with a convenient layout did not require major transformations, because it was quite good in terms of functional areas. Clients tired of the neutral gray interior of their apartment from the very beginning told us that they were ready for complex color combinations and dark spaces. Given our love for working in this way, we did not hold back.

The interior was intense and deep. The living room, however, became a rather bright space, we decided to emphasize the natural light from low windowsills. When working out the layouts, it was important for us to take into account one of the most important wishes of our clients - more storage space. And the only area where it was possible to solve this task was the corridor. The corridor had the highest concentration of cabinets, which on the one hand pleased the clients, but on the other hand scared of the prospect of turning an apartment into a furniture store. But we coped with this task. The guest room was made in neutral colors with the potential to become a children's room when required. A little member of the family also participated in making decisions on the children's room. The option was approved with his consent, and this is very important for us. In general, the interior was quite simple and minimalistic in terms of forms and textures. The key accent was made on complex shades.

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