Interior design of a three-room apartment in Mendelsohn Residential Complex

The apartment with a floor area of 99 sq. m was designed for a young family with a small child. On the top floor there is a beautiful view from the windows. The project of the apartment was made in the contemporary style. The original layout did not require major changes, as it was quite good. We only combined a kitchen, a living room and a hallway. For zoning with an open layout we used wooden bars to functionally separate the hallway, while keeping the room spacious.

Particular attention was paid to the supply and exhaust ventilation. The ceilings were designed accordingly. The entire apartment was made in rather sober and soft colors, with bright complex shades of blue. A combination of such textures as concrete, wood, smooth painting, and natural fabrics were used in finishing. Tiles imitating concrete and microconcrete were used as a concrete texture on the floor in the kitchen area. The bedroom was made in soft colors, where the accent was the wall with veneered panels and an oval mirror. The children's room was designed as a “house in the mountains,” where the moon lights up near the bed at night.

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