Interior design of a two-room apartment in Diplomat Residential Complex

A three-room apartment in Diplomat Residential Complex in the contemporary style with classic elements was created for a young active married couple. The task was to arrange two isolated rooms, one of which would become a children’s room in the future, a large bathroom, a dressing room, a kitchen, a dining room and a comfortable living room. For this purpose, we made remodeling. As a result of remodeling, it was possible to implement all the ideas.

At first glance, the kitchen seems small, but that was the task, since the couple cooks and eats at home once in a while. Despite small dimensions, the kitchen is well equipped and has a comfortable working area. And the placement of the kitchen in the transit area allowed to make it discreet, without an accent, and arrange a dining room and a comfortable living room. Rather spacious hallway makes the mood at the entrance. The interior of the bedroom was designed taking into account the bed of the owners, where it became a bright color accent. The cabinet in neutral shades and materials may be easily transformed into a children's room after small investments.

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