Three-room apartment design

If you have a three-room apartment, you don’t have to worry that there is not enough space to create a beautiful interior. Here it is possible to implement almost any idea and choose almost any furniture, as there is enough space even for classic furniture, which occupies a lot of space.

We know that the owners of three-room apartments want not only to create a beautiful interior, but also a cozy and harmonious place where one could always feel as comfortable as possible.

Design project of a three-room apartment

First of all, it is necessary to divide the areas into two categories.

  1. Common area;
  2. Rest and sleep area;

In most cases, a three-room apartment allows to create a beautiful hall, where wardrobes and large mirrors are usually installed, as well as a hallway. If there are children in the family, some space at the entrance should be also allocated for them.

If you have an idea to combine several premises, it is easy to implement. In addition to the development of a design project, our design studio can obtain a remodeling approval in St. Petersburg, make turnkey apartment renovation and deliver the facility as a complete set.

You may also think about the use of an adjacent room in the kitchen design. If you often have guests, you can expand the kitchen with a niche using the space of an adjacent room.

If you don’t really like to eat in the kitchen, but prefer to eat while watching TV, you can combine the kitchen with a living room and use different floorings or a bar counter for their zoning. There are a lot of design options and we will be happy to choose the best for you. For this, we have the service "Pre-Design Proposal".

Modern design of a three-room apartment

  • As for flooring, we can advise the materials characterized by deep wood texture.
  • The apartment should have good illumination. You can emphasize the elegant style of your three-room apartment with the illumination of certain elements. Small curtains and blinds may be used for window decoration.
  • Too much things is often not good for the interior style. A dressing room or just a closet allows to avoid such a problem.
  • As for wallpaper, we can always recommend you thin wallpaper. Decorative plaster and wall painting are especially popular today.

How a spacious apartment may be decorated?

If you want your guest look on your apartment with admiring envy, it should be in the same style. If you select a separate interior style for each room, there will be no harmony. The same shades are a great opportunity to make the room harmonious.

  • Elegant floor vases and stylish modern lamps may be used;
  • Decorative partitions may be installed;
  • Large decorations not too prominent, but hard not to notice, may be installed;
  • Decorative painting on the walls may be ordered;
  • Stained glass windows may be used in doorways;