Hostel interior design

Professionals with extensive experience work in Olga Mudryakova Interior Design Studio. They will do an extensive work - from the creation of an authentic interior to professional selection of finishing materials.

Who are the guests, as a rule? Young people, tourists traveling in a group.

When you are planning a hostel design, you should take into account:

  1. Hostel profile.
  2. Fire standards for the rooms where future guests will be accommodated.
  3. Number of beds in the room according to different requirements.
  4. Location of a family room and mixed dorms.
  5. Recreation area for guests.
  6. Location of a dining area and a kitchen, necessary facilities.
  7. Number of showers and toilets.
  8. Reception and sleeping accommodation for an administrator.
  9. Number of sockets for each person.
  10. Safe and much more.

Let’s talk a little bit about hostels

Not all people can afford expensive accommodation when arrive to another city, but they need to spend the night somewhere for a couple of days - in this situation they go to a hostel. Accommodation in hostels is inexpensive even as compared to mini-hotels, but the range of necessary services, like Wi-Fi, dining area, television, is provided. So, this option is quite competitive, that is why today more and more travelers and even business people decide to save on the accommodation by choosing hostels.

Who are the guests, as a rule? Young people, tourists traveling in a group. The demand for hostels is confirmed the fact that in a large city they are almost at every corner. But it also means that the competition in the market is very high.

Many people mistakenly believe that hostels are something like “old-fashioned dormitories” offering overnight stays at low cost. Maybe it used to be the case. But today the competition is too high, so owners try to stand out with a well thought out and exclusive design of the hostel ensuring the comfort and ergonomics.