Two-room apartment design

Today, two-room apartments are acquired not only by family people who have already had a child or are only planning to have one, but also by people who just like to live in a spacious house and invite guests.

When it comes to the interior design, the task of an expert is to use the space rationally and effectively. An expert should also always ask owners of the apartment of their wishes and ideas about the interior.

Design of a small two-room apartment

Owners of small two-room apartments often think about how to create a cozy home, but at the same time to leave as much open space as possible. This task can be solved with an open layout. For example, the combination of a kitchen and a living room will save a lot of space. Reducing a corridor width also allows to make the apartment more comfortable. As for furniture, we advise you to purchase unit furniture to save the space in your apartment.

Design of a large two-room apartment

If you have a spacious apartment, the designer may create a real masterpiece, since the more square meters you have, the less restrictions the designer has in terms of the interior. The most important is the right choice of the design style in each room of the apartment. The "overall picture" of the apartment should be harmonious.

Interesting facts about spacious apartments:

  • Two bathrooms. In most modern apartments, usually, you can make a bathroom with a toilet for the owners of the apartment and for their guests.
  • A dressing room may be created by increasing the space of a closet. A separate dressing room allows to avoid "chaos" in the apartment, as all the clothes will be placed in a special separate room.
  • Own workplace. Often, homeowners remodel a loggia to have a wonderful and peaceful place to work.


Color palette of the apartment

Every homeowner dreams of an authentic apartment. Mostly, people want to feel comfortable, peaceful and calm at home so that they can relax in their apartment. A color palette without too bright and dazzling shades allows to create such design. White or light gray tones may be chosen. Though, it is important not only to choose the right tones, but also to create a harmonious combination of shades. Today, for creating a cozy atmosphere in an apartment, owners often paint walls, use brickwork and 3D panels.

Children's room in a two-room apartment

Children's room design should be not only beautiful, but also functional. After all, the child will have to make many things in the room. He needs a place for healthy sleep, studies and entertainment. So, the child should feel as comfortable as possible in his room and should be able to do any things he needs. If there are several children in the family, each child should have his own space. As a rule, bunk beds are placed in the children's room, where several kids live.