Pre-design proposal (layout solutions)

If you contact us, we are ready to assist you in choosing layout solutions. Our experts carry out a professional assessment of the rooms, make several options of drawings and work on every centimeter, as a result of which you will find out how comfortable the space will be.

If after the delivery of the Pre-Design Proposal you have only pleasant feelings, we can proceed to the development of a design project, the content of which you can see in the special section "Services and prices"!

Of course, you can focus only on the beauty and style of your housing, but remember that the beauty may be quite uncomfortable.

The service cost is 300 rubles per square meter, but not less than 27,000 rubles.

As a result of our collaboration, you will be provided with:

  1. On-site visit;
  2. Room layout plan with measurements;
  3. Layout solutions worked out with you;

When ordering a complete design project, the cost of the Pre-Design Proposal will be included!