Interior design of an apartment in Privilegia Residential Complex

An apartment with a floor area of 140 sq. m in Privilegia Residential Complex was designed for the client’s sister, who we had not seen. It was a new experience for us. The main wish of the client was to create the interior in the Art Deco style, with the maximum use of natural materials and minimum of modern equipment.

We wanted to create a feeling of presence in the atmosphere of the 1920s of the last century. So, we used kitchen cabinets hiding kitchen appliances and sliding doors hiding the TV. It cannot be said that the interior was stylistically pure, rather, it was the Art Deco style with elements of modernism. But the basic concept was followed - symmetry, geometric shapes, halftones, natural materials (marble, wood, brass, gypsum). Particular attention was paid to the details in finishing, such as reliefs on the walls, ceilings, columns, furniture fittings.

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