Cottage and country house design

The interior design of a cottage, as well as the interior design of a country house should be carefully thought out when its construction begins or it is acquired by new owners. Most aspects should be carefully thought out so that the new owners would not face unexpected "surprises". The owners should decide on the purpose of each room already in the course of purchase of the house.

Despite the fact that such house is spacious, the owners should choose the interior design of a country house with great care. It should be designed in one style and made comfortable.

Design project of a country house

Almost any design of the house can be implemented. Today, there are a lot of design styles: from the classic to the rustic style. Some tips:

  • First of all, choose and follow the style for the entire house.
  • Decide on the purpose of each room and think out a furniture layout plan.
  • Think out the number of sockets in the rooms.
  • Choose the lighting equipment and various accessories that create a unique atmosphere with great care.
  • Make it a rule that objects in the interior should be in harmony with each other.
  • If a country house is two-storey or more, pay attention to the design of the stairs.
  • Equip the hall with everything you need, for example, a stand for umbrellas.
  • If you have pets - allocate a place for them.

Advantages of a cottage and country house

The main advantage even in comparison with three-room apartments is that the owners should not limit themselves in the design ideas, as they choose the layout by themselves at the stage of construction. And it doesn’t matter if you build a house by yourself or buy a ready-made house in a cottage settlement, you should use the layout solution service to arrange "everything as it should be".

House design by our studio

Our Interior Design Studio will help homeowners not to be disappointed with their house in the future. We are ready to listen to ideas and make turnkey renovation. Professional design implies the use of new technologies and selection of necessary materials for the interior finish of the cottage.