Design of a three-room apartment in the house on Siqueiros Street

The design of a three-room apartment with a floor area of 90 sq.m in a brick house was created for a family of four, with two sons. When developing the layout, we proceeded from the desire to create a large joint space of the living room, so a very small area was allocated for the kitchen. Nevertheless, we managed to create a quite comfortable kitchen, though it was not located in a separate, in the usual sense, room with a window.

The boys in this family have a big difference in age, so we decided to give everyone their own room. The smallest room was used for the bedroom. But this room has one advantage - a loggia, which, after insulation, will become a small room for the hostess. When developing the color solution we proceeded from the clients’ wishes - no gold, honey, sand, yellow shades. So, even when choosing wood textures, we paid attention to the options of cold colors with gray shades.

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