Interior design of a three-room apartment in Ostrov Residential Complex

The design project of a three-room apartment with a floor area of 126.9 sq.m. inOstrov Residential Complex was developed for a family of three. The main goal of the interior was to create a warm, homely and cozy atmosphere.

The main concept of the bedroom was the proposed theme of the sunset and dawn. In the interior design it is reflected in the smooth change from cold to warm tones: the sleeping area represents the night and is made in the aquamarine color, and the boudoir area represents the morning, so peach shades prevail there. Color gradient on the curtains of different shades helps to arrange the smooth transition of the one space into another. Also, a tinted glass partition with sliding doors was added behind the headboard, which, owing to its translucent properties, hided wardrobe items and at the same time created the feeling of airy and spacious room.

The idea of the children’s room's interior is to create an interactive, lively and interesting world where it would be easy both to play and to develop. The animal decor creates the feeling of a contact zoo so that the child can interact with the images of animals. The main color of the bathroom is the cold shade of pink complemented by the texture of natural stones, light and dark marble. We would also like to note the interchange of matte and glossy surfaces, which add the complexity and depth. The interior is decorated with sculptural forms - a freestanding bath and a worktop washbasin, a round mirror with a bronzed surface and suspended figured paws with a frame of natural stone.

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