Design of a one-room apartment in Preobrazhensky Residential Complex

Interior design project of a one-room apartment with a floor area of 44 sq.m in Preobrazhensky Residential Complex for a young woman. Other wishes were to arrange a dressing room, a large sofa with a sliding round table and a wine cabinet.

So, we made all the layout improvements using the bedroom area. But it did not affect the bedroom negatively, it remained functional and comfortable (almost as a benefit) after all the manipulations. The client asked to be conservative in the design, but to use bright and positive elements. She wanted her apartment to make the mood at the very entrance. That is why a mix of tiles of 9 decors prevailed in the apartment interior (in the kitchen, in the bathroom). The walls in the hallway were also quite active, so we used material of the same color on the floor and tiles of deep blue color.

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