Design of a three-room apartment in Smolny Park Residential Complex

A three-room apartment in the contemporary style was intended for a young couple. The concept of the apartment design was based on white and contrast fragments. White color without any yellow shades was the clients’ categorical wish. Apparent sterility was broken with contrast details. So, in the kitchen there was a black tabletop, in the living room there was a wall with a TV and a fireplace, in the hallway there was a contrast element of furniture, in the bathroom there was a black wall.

The bedroom and the guest room were made in softer color combinations. We used a minimum of decor and a minimum of materials not to overload the interior. One of the key elements was a bio fireplace, which perfectly fitted into the design of the wall with veneered panels.

As for the layout, the clients were for any options for the space arrangement. We managed to increase the bathroom, arrange a dressing room and make a large living room-kitchen. At first glance, in the selected option, some things may confuse, for example, only one bathroom, though there was an opportunity to make the second guest toilet. Or there was no dinner table, which may seem inconvenient. We replaced it with a large kitchen island. But for all these concerns there are quite reasonable explanations. The couple for which the apartment was designed is young and active, often traveling, and therefore not many guests are expected. For two persons one bathroom is enough. As well as the dining places around the island. The combined room itself is quite suitable for transformations. And the table may be easily placed in the future.

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