Design of a three-room apartment in Toive Residential Complex

A three-room apartment with a floor area of 85 sq.m for a family of four in Toive Residential Complex. The family has two girls, each of whom has her own room. One of the girls is still small and did not take part in the creation of her room. The older one was allowed to decide completely what her personal space would be. She surprised us with the selection of color solutions for her room. She wished to make it in gray tones, but though these colors were not typical for children the room was very girlish and comfortable.

All family members prefer gray color. At the first meeting, the clients expressed their negative attitude to beige tones. The entire apartment was made monochrome. The only exception was the bedroom, where we allowed ourselves to use a large amount of blue. As for the layout, we considered several options for improving the bathroom area. We considered their combination and increase with the corridor area, but decided to leave everything unchanged, except for the wall between the bathrooms.

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