Design of a three-room apartment in Lakhta Park Residential Complex

The interior of a three-room apartment for a family of four - for two adults and two children. The floor area of the apartment is 172 sq.m in Lakhta Park Residential Complex. The clients did not express any special wishes regarding the style, just limited to the contemporary classic style. The apartment itself gave a clue to us as to the design.

At first, the apartment layout seemed difficult, all the rooms were uneven, the radius was set only by the outer walls, the partitions, of course, were installed in straight lines and had fractures. But, oddly enough, decorative fixtures allowed to make them more logical. The idea of the interior was to play with contrasts, the combination of stylistics and the ratio of dark and light. But the clients did not want to make any adjustments to the layout, they agreed only to change the size of a dressing room and to move the entrance to it. As a result of expanding the dressing room, the corridor lost a niche and became even more elongated. The way out was found quite simple - not to close a niche completely for the dressing room, but only partially to arrange a wardrobe with mirrored doors that visually expanded a part of the corridor. On the floor in the hallway we intentionally placed tiles ensuring the smooth transition from tiles imitating wood to the main floor covering. On the floor in the kitchen-living room we used Tonalit porcelain tiles. The apron was a metal mosaic, and there was a clinker brick between the windows. The children's rooms were made similar, only with different color accents, so that the sisters do not compare and compete for the possession of the best room, they were both equally charming.

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