Design of a three-room apartment in 4 Horizons Residential Complex

The interior of an apartment in 4 Horizons Residential Complex with a beautiful view to the Neva and Smolny from the panoramic windows of the living room and the kitchen. It was the open panorama and the abundance of sky and air that played an important role in creating such a light, transparent interior in the contemporary classic style. A three-room apartment with a floor area of 100 sq.m for a young family waiting for a baby. That is why the creation process was long and thoughtful, some solutions were not approved immediately, some were questioned, and sometimes the designer and the client had to compromise. But the result was worth it.

The main wish of the client was to create a light interior, without contrasts, without an abundance of dark colors. Glossy floorings, glass and mirrors emphasize the idea of a clean and bright space. Openwork patterns of moldings on the ceilings and glass, frosted patterns on the glass of the living room create a light lace on large surfaces. The only thing that was a kind of contrast to the main rooms was the bathrooms. The owners strictly divided them into male and female. So, the female bathroom was luxury. The male bathroom was strict, dark, but with some chic. The apartment was slightly changed in the course of remodeling - a dressing room was arranged with the area of one of the room, so the door of the other room was displaced.

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