Design of a three-room apartment in Samotsvety Residential Complex

The interior of a warm and cozy three-room apartment was designed in the contemporary classic style for a young couple in Samotsvety Residential Complex with a floor area of 102 sq. m. The clients were ready to make remodeling at the very beginning. The combination of a kitchen and a living room also allowed to expand the floor area of a small bathroom, where the utility area was located.

In the finishing we used clinker bricks. Now this material is very popular. The interior color solution was based on the colors preferred by the clients. So, one of their favorite colors, burgundy, became the main color in the interior of a small bathroom. In general, active colors were used in common areas (green, slate, maroon shades), private areas were made in more sober and soft colors, for example, a large bathroom. The abundance of dark gray in the bedroom does not make the room gloomy, on the contrary, it adds roominess and warm comfort. Near the window there is a bench for rest, reading books with a cup of tea. The bedroom area is quite large, which allowed us to make a separate dressing room. The children's room still has the function of a guest room, but it is waiting for its little owner. A loggia for two rooms with two exits performs the functions of storage and rest areas. The benches on both sides are also capacious drawers.

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