Apartment design in Samotsvety Residential Complex

Interior of an apartment in the contemporary style for a young family of three. It is located on Vasilyevsky Island in Samotsvety Residential Complex. The floor area is 100 sq.m. The apartment was long-awaited, so the process of work on its design was reverent, the clients wanted to think over and experience everything to the smallest detail. The preference in colors and materials was given to natural ones. We used materials with a bright contrast print not to make the apartment monotonous and boring. Special attention was given to the kitchen and the solution with an apron. For its facing, we selected thin porcelain tiles LAMINAM imitating a sheet of metal. The layout was made so that the surfaces did not have seams. The issue with the illumination of the working surface was solved by mounting of a profile lamp with a LED tape on the wall protrusion. The abundance of wood in the wall finishing makes the room warm and cozy.

In the project we used ceiling height doors for painting, so that the doors merge with the walls. Cabinets, as well as doors, were not an element in the interior attracting attention. Their task was to dissolve and become a part of the walls. In the bedroom soft panels made of artificial leather serve as the headboard, but they are flat, without volume, graphic, but very comfortable. The children's room for a little boy was designed to serve the child a little longer - there was arranged a place for studies. There is a place for creativity - a part of the wall was painted with magnetic paint for school boards, so you can draw and place your drawings and posters. In the bathrooms, tiles VIVES were used as invigorating accents.

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