Interior design of a three-room apartment in Europe City Residential Complex

Design project of a three-room apartment with a floor area of 98 sq.m in Europa City Residential Complex for a young family with a little boy. Work on the project was difficult, but incredibly interesting. The client knew exactly how she wanted to arrange her house and we caught her mood. As a result of our collaboration, an eclectic, complex in color combinations, interior was born.

A sufficiently large number of different materials and textures was used in the finishing of rooms and furniture. Particular attention was paid to the wood and its texture. And the starting point was a bookcase accidentally and unexpectedly acquired on the day before the commencement of works, which took its place of honor in the bedroom, where it created a cozy reading corner. There is no one leading color combination throughout the interior. Each room has its own set of shades. So, the kitchen was deep and dark, the living room was neutral, and the bedroom was bright and delicate. But despite this, the entire project looks complete and harmonious.

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