Interior design of a three-room apartment in MoskovskyKvartal Residential Complex

A three-room apartment with a floor area of 98.2 sq. m in MoskovskyKvartal Residential Complex was designed for a couple with three children. Everyone needs own private space, so the kitchen also serves as a living room. We paid special attention to bathrooms, so we wanted to make a separate shower for the master bedroom and two bathrooms for children, where we could place a shower, a toilet, a sink, without changing the dimensions of the room. The functionality of the corridor (large storage space) was combined with the comfort area with a sofa.

The main wish of the clients was the apartment design in the Provence style. Also one of the specific wishes was to use English tiles. We did not use this style in its pure form, but some stylistic methods were used for our project. But, in general, the style of this apartment may be considered as contemporary classics.

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