Design of an apartment in the house on Staroderevenskaya Street

Design project of an apartment with a floor area of 85 sq.m. It was created for a young family, who calmed down after the purchase of an apartment with renovation and furniture. It is time to arrange the apartment so that it fits to their needs, habits and wishes. The interior itself was quite conservative.

The young couple is ready to change everything, but some things they decided to leave unchanged. For example, a jacuzzi was installed on the podium because of the impossibility of another connection. This option was inconvenient for the hostess, because she was not tall. Also, in the future, the bathing of a baby would become inconvenient, since the height of the bath was much higher than the ergonomically comfortable height. We decided to expand the podium for the most part of the bathroom. Thus, the use of the jacuzzi was convenient for all family members. The apartment had been remodeled before, so we just made minor adjustments - a dressing room was added in the hallway to increase the storage area.

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