Interior design of a two-room apartment on Frunze street

An apartment in the 1950s house with a floor area of 81 sq.m for a family with two daughters. We proceeded to the development of the design project when all the walls were demolished. A special feature of this apartment is a large corridor, which we could use both as storage area and as a utility area with a washer and a dryer. The latter was very important, since the area of the bathrooms is small and it is not possible to expand it. The smallest area is allocated for the bedroom, but nevertheless we arranged sufficient storage areas, niches replacing cabinets, a place for a laptop in the form of an extended windowsill. The bedroom area was reduced for the benefit for the children’s room area, where it was necessary to place beds, working areas, play areas, storage areas and books for two girls.

The accent in the interior was made on the combination of different materials by structure - metal, wood, concrete texture surfaces, glass. The interior of the living room and the kitchen was made in sober colors, the accent was made on the combination of materials and their surface. The other rooms had more bright color solutions with the use of rather complex and deep colors.

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