Interior design of an apartment on Bogatyrsky Prospect

Not all the rooms were involved in the work on the apartment, but only two children’s rooms, a corridor and a bathroom. As for the layout, the clients did not want significant changes, so we just moved the doorway to the corridor, and at the place of the old one it was decided to arrange a shelving unit for storing things.

The family has two children, a boy and a girl, the main accent in the design was on their two rooms. The room for a boy was made in soft colors, a bright element was wallpaper of Mr. Perswall brand over the bed and colored shelves. The bed will be tailor-made, it has a soft headboard as well as drawers at the base of the bed for storing linen. The workplace was placed near the window, with spacious shelves on the sides. There are also many storage places in a separate cabinet and shelves. The second child, a girl, also got a balcony. Both rooms were made in soft pink delicate shades. The bed will be also tailor-made, it has a soft headboard of complex shape. A place for seating and shelves for storing things were arranged on the balcony. The color palette of the corridor had something in common with the bathroom, wood and light beige shades were used in both rooms.

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