Design of an apartment in North Regatta Residential Complex

This light, stylish and laconic interior was designed for a young family of three - two adults and one child. The interior was designed in the contemporary classic style. Not all the rooms were involved in the work on the apartment project - a kitchen-living room, two bathrooms and a corridor. Young and dynamic clients wanted to combine a kitchen and a living room to make a common space for rest, meeting with friends, watching TV, cooking. Also, professional remodeling allowed to arrange a spacious bathroom with a washing machine and a bath with a capacious cabinet, where you can store household supplies and cleaning equipment.
In the corridor we arranged a special place for a large separate dressing room. The main task was to play up the carrier columns located in the living room. By using the mirrors with facets and lowering the ceiling, as well as by coloring the zones of the column, we facilitated the visual perception of the column and literally “dissolved” it in the room. The clients were pleased that they approved the option with a slate kitchen being the main accent in the interior, as well as that the interior emphasized the use of emerald textiles. The combination of wood and white marble on the floor in the living room creates a feeling of comfort and visually expands the space.

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