Interior design of Chemistry Hostel

This is not our first hostel design in TsarskayaStolitsa Residential Complex. And again, we had to solve a difficult task - to place all the things needed, taking into account all the requirements. Also, an important condition was not to demolish the existing bathroom and the storeroom and leave the existing floor and ceilings.

The first thing to follow is, of course, GOSTs (Russian national standards). For the given floor area two rules are applied. The distance from the upper bed (with a two-tier arrangement) to the ceiling should be not less than 750 mm (it was neglected in the 3rd option, but then we corrected this mistake in the final option). Hostels should have bathrooms in the amount of, at least, one toilet cabin and one washbasin for 15 persons and, at least, one shower cabin for 15 persons. In large hostels, it is recommended to install separate toilets and bathrooms for men and women.

The floor area of the hostel is 100 sq.m. and its capacity is 21 persons, including the staff on duty. An important stage of work is the selection of the theme, the idea that will make the hostel recognizable and interesting to visit. The clients offered several options of the theme - Little Prince, Jules Verne, Art, Abstraction, Science or Capsule Hostel (capsule rooms, etc.). After brief discussions, we selected a field-specific chemical theme because of the small floor area.

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