Interior design of Veneziano Guest House

The concept of the interior was developed based on its name, VENEZIANO. The goal of the interior solution was to transmit the feelings and general moods of a unique and inimitable Venice. The distinctive features of this city are the high diversity of architectural forms and the saturated color palette.
The interior was designed in such a way as to immediately teleport guests from St. Petersburg ("Venice of the North"), with its classical architecture and sober color palette, to a bright and festive Venice.

The general stylistic solution can be described as eclectic. This interior combines both classic elements (such as armchairs and a sofa, chandeliers) creating the feeling of comfort and coziness, as well as contemporary elements adding the modernity (sofa suite, built-in illumination and suspended lamps). Thus, the interior becomes universal, where every guest can find something for himself.
But the main accent is the bright, bold and catchy color palette. The use of saturated colors in design was inspired by the classical painting in Italy, which is characterized by the use of deep shades. It is the rich shades of terracotta, emerald and azure colors that create the atmosphere of one of the most beautiful cities in the world- Venice.

The concept of the corridor was based on the streets of Venice: picturesque rows of houses standing close to each other. This visual image was reflected in the color separation of the wall. Thanks to this technique, the entrance to the room becomes the main entrance to the Palazzo house. Since the interiors of the rooms are designed with different contrast accents, it seems that each door actually leads to a new separate building. Vertical mirror panels with built-in illumination became a symbolic division of houses. They increase the amount of reflected light, resembling the glare from buildings. Mirrors also create the illusion of expanded space, as if behind the stylized facades of houses there is another parallel street, where you can see people passing by - your reflection or reflection of other hotel guests.

The impression of the "street space" is also created by wall lights, the shape of which imitates street lights. In addition, the carpet divided by tones reminds the paving.
In conclusion, we wanted to specially mention the illumination, which play up various plots. Built-in ceiling lights are used for general illumination. Wall sconces and a LED tape built into the side surface of the mirror serve as additional illumination that can be used as an independent light source at night.

The interior solution for the kitchen of the fifth floor resonates with the other common areas of the hotel (reception and cafe): color palette, furniture style, zoning compositional techniques. The main feature of the interior is open shelves in the upper part of the kitchen suite and in the area above the sink. This principle was borrowed from historic Italian interiors, where an important role was given to open shelves and sideboards with expensive dishes for special and festive occasions. In the interior they are not only a functional, but a decorative element, where unique dishes may be displayed.

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