Design of a two-room apartment in MoskovskyKvartal Residential Complex

The project was designed for a small, but cozy and very bright apartment with rather high ceilings. The apartment is intended for a family of three - two adults and one child. A two-room apartment with a floor area of 69 sq. m is located in MoskovskyKvartal Residential Complex.

We were assigned to arrange in a two-room apartment a bedroom, a children's room, a kitchen combined with a living room, two bathrooms, one of which had a utility area. With remodeling, we expanded the kitchen and arranged a niche where a sofa was placed. A folding sofa is equipped with additional cushions that make it higher and more comfortable to sit at the table. It also simplifies the care of the sofa, which is not always easy to keep clean in the kitchen. Also, when remodeling, the bathroom was slightly expanded, where we could place a washer, a dryer and a cabinet for household chemicals and cleaning equipment. Special attention was paid to storage areas. In the hallway we arranged a rather capacious dressing room. Storage of books was arranged in the hallway area, in cabinets under the ceiling. There was no place for them in the rooms, and the book dust is not the most necessary thing in the rooms where people sleep. Clinker bricks, ornamental tiles, wood, muted shades of walls, natural textiles make the interior warm and cozy.

Information on the renovation process may be found here.
And also see the client’s feedback here

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