Interior design of a two-room apartment in MoskovskyKvartal Residential Complex

Another apartment in MoskovskyKvartal Residential Complex, where we have already developed our projects. And even with almost the same layout. A two-room apartment with a floor area of 80 sq.m is located on the first residential floor, so we had a little more freedom in layout solutions for the bathrooms. On the first floor, we may expand the space not only with the corridors, but also with the living rooms. This apartment will be home for a mom and a little daughter.

The main wish was to combine one room with the kitchen to expand the space. The client also requested to arrange a sleeping area in the form of a bed in this open space. But we managed to make better - we arranged a small isolated bedroom. We left openings between the bedroom and the living room to avoid the creation of a dead-end space. Thus, we ensured the necessary air circulation and access of daylight. If needed, this openings may be closed with curtains to separate the bedroom from the living room. The guest bathroom was slightly expanded using the kitchen space. It did not affect the kitchen space, but we managed to install both a shower cabin and a washing machine in the bathroom. Stylistic wishes were to make a clean bright interior with a maximum of white color and a contrasting floor. Only two rooms, two private areas for the two princesses, were made in warm soft pink tones, reflecting the character of their owners.

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