Hotel complex and spa design

The specific feature of such complexes is that they offer a lot of services to clients, which compensates the disadvantage associated with their remoteness from the city. A large range of entertainment, leisure, transport rental, recreation services for children - and this is only a small part of all services offered by hotel complexes.

The design of hotel complexes and spas is one of the most important things. You should understand that the interior in fact creates the status of your hotel complex and spa. Do you offer guests rooms at high prices? Then the luxury should be the primary target.

Why it is worth to order the design of hotel complexes?

The rooms should be decorated not only beautifully, but also professionally - the situation with the interior of all other premises is similar, and they are many - from a dining room to a club and bar. The work is rather extensive. Most hotel complexes have special rooms, like honeymoon suites, not to mention presidential suites. If for standard rooms you can choose the same style, the situation, for example, with a presidential suite, is completely different. The guest should understand why he pays for it more than for a standard room. It is necessary to take into account all the important details: from the color palette to the general design. If you anyway want to follow the same style, the professional will find suitable solutions for you.

If a mini-hotel offers rooms of economy class, it would be enough to install good furniture, ensure the functionality of the room and follow the principles of minimalism. Expensive finishing materials are also not required.

What is a professional interior of hotel complexes?

The one that looks outstanding, but this is what surprises. Also, it should be universal, so that absolutely all guests are satisfied. The interior should create a calm atmosphere, which literally says that this is the place where you can have a good rest away from a noisy city.
Since the work in case of a hotel is very extensive (after all, the attention should be paid not only to the rooms, but also to restaurants and other premises in the building), it is worth to order the design in Olga Mudryakova Interior Design Studio to take into account all the shortcomings, make adjustments and so on. 3D design allows to take into account all the slightest details before starting work, as often even small details can ruin the whole "look" of the interior.