Design of hotels, guest houses, hostels

Mini-hotels, hostels, apartment hotels, guest houses - order a professional interior design in Olga Mudryakova Interior Design Studio in St. Petersburg. Design projects of a guest house and an apartment are pure “antonyms”.

When it comes to a guest house, you should work solely in the same style - and this style should be everywhere, from the entrance to the building to the rooms of guests.

Do you need a guest house design project?

Should the building structure have any defects, they should be properly hidden. There are clear advantages? In this case, the design project should accurately emphasize them. And now let's move on to some more “juicy” details related to the selection of the interior design for rooms where guests stay on a regular basis - from hotels to mini-hotels famous for their simplicity:

  • Original style that can attract the future guest more than other competitors can do. Corporate style will give the building a completely new unique look. But for its creating, it is necessary to take into account the slightest details, not just the interior design. It is also important to chose an appropriate color palette, illumination and even the staff appearance, as guests first of all look at the building itself and the hall, but not at the room. Exclusive design is a key to the success of the hotel business. Even the facade is worth attention, if you want to make your guest house not only comfortable, but also beautiful for guests. Since in our time there are a lot of hotels and guest houses, the guests have become more demanding when choosing a place to stay. Today, not only the price and amenities in the room, but also the style of the hotel is important to them. As the old saying goes, “they judge by appearance”.
  • Interior. As for rooms, the most important thing to consider is ergonomics. Today, small hotel rooms have ergonomic furniture allowing the guest enjoy free space, while all the necessary items are always easily accessible. Many guests stay for business meetings. Therefore, it is desirable to find a place for conferences, as well as all the necessary equipment, like projectors. Today, 3D visualization is very popular. If earlier it was used exclusively for expensive rooms of comfort class, today, in view of high competition such visualization is used even for rooms of economy class. What is the result? We should create a modern interior and install furniture that would reduce the free space.
  • Illumination is not less important than the interior. It creates an emotional mood. You should pay attention not only to the lighting fixtures themselves, but also to their cost. Today, LED is particularly in demand - it is not so expensive and looks beautiful and not boring. Rational layout plan is another plus for your guest house. The layout plan allows you to significantly save money. We, in our turn, may advise you 3D visualization - a modern and demanded service, but not so expensive.

Design in Olga Mudryakova Interior Design Studio

Since the number of hotels, guest houses and other guest service businesses has increased dramatically, each of them tries to attract clients somehow - often by new solutions in terms of design and interior.

But the task of hotels and guest houses is not only to create a modern and stylish room for recreation, but also comfortable, so that the guest feels as comfortable as possible. In addition, the room should be functional, which is almost the most important thing for the guests.

Finally, we have three aspects in the design::

  1. modern;
  2. beautiful;
  3. comfortable.

Each of the locations has its differences, more details you can find below: