Remodeling Approval in St. Petersburg

If necessary, just contact us and order the remodeling approval in St. Petersburg from our experts. You will certainly be satisfied with the results of our collaboration and will be able to translate into reality a design project of any complexity.

When planning the change of partitions, the expansion of openings and other remodeling in a new or old building, you should seriously think about the remodeling approval and making changes to the technical data sheet of an apartment.

Execution of documents for remodeling of residential premises

Before you remove or move partitions in an apartment, it is necessary to obtain the remodeling approval in the relevant authorities. In most cases, it takes a lot of time and efforts and needs execution of a large number of related documents. Today, if you want to save your time, you just need to contact us. Our Interior Design Studio in St. Petersburg specializes in the development of renovation projects and the execution of necessary documents and remodeling permits.

For ensuring the apartment remodeling approval in accordance with the applicable law, our experts prepare a complete package of documents and submit them for consideration to the relevant authority. For the time of our work, we have established close cooperation with the government authorities, so we can obtain work permits in a very short time.

We always follow the procedure for remodeling approval. The order lead time depends only on the complexity of the upcoming work for changing the architecture. We can both assist in the approval procedure and prepare and certify all the documents on our own without your direct participation.

Benefits of collaboration with professionals

For collaboration with us, you only need to make one call to our office and order a preliminary on-site visit. Our experts will come to you and after all the measurements and calculations offer you several remodeling options, taking into account the main architectural features of the building.

With complete information on your preferences and the future look of your dream home, our designers will begin to create layouts and prepare a package of documents, which will be subsequently submitted for consideration to the relevant authority. We will make every effort to obtain a remodeling permit as soon as possible, so that you may commence the renovation without unnecessary delays and complete the same in time. Why it is worth contacting us?

  • Our cost of the apartment remodeling approval is always at the affordable level, regardless of the complexity of the upcoming work.
  • Our best professionals with extensive practical experience work on the development of design projects and the execution of related documents.
  • We always fulfill orders in a very short time and in a professional manner.
  • For all types of services we provide a guarantee with the right of service maintenance.