Turnkey Renovation of Apartments in a New Building in St. Petersburg

Those people who value their time and entrust the work to professionals may contact our partners that make renovation works. And we are ready to create a unique interior design project for your home!

One of the main problems of people who preferred to purchase an apartment in a new building is how to start the renovation. In most cases, apartments in a new building are offered for sale without finishing or with minimum finishing.  Who you can entrust the design and renovation works to?

Renovation of an apartment under an interior design project

The cost of renovation works per sq. m is to be estimated! The price is ~ 15,000 rubles. The price may vary depending on the complexity of the work.

Finishing of an apartment under a design project should be made in a professional and step by step manner. All stages have a clear sequence:

  1. Interior design project
  2. Dismantling works
  3. Partition installation
  4. Plastering works
  5. Heating system installation
  6. Water supply and sanitation system installation
  7. Electrical works
  8. Floor screeding
  9. Plasterboard works
  10. Tile works
  11. Painting works
  12. Faience installation
  13. Flooring laying
  14. Installation of plumbing fixtures and electrical equipment
  15. Final finishing works

Work under a project begins with an acquaintance. At the first meeting, the client describes his preferences and wishes and answers the designer’s questions. At this stage, the client may also obtain information on the preliminary cost and the time frames for work. Designers of our company will select the most suitable finishing option for you.

Collaboration of the client and the designer and study of all the slightest details allows to achieve excellent results in the renovation. Our experts work out all the details before the commencement of work:

  • room layout;
  • preferences;
  • color palette;
  • materials.

Advantages of our company's design project:

  1. A well-planned interior allows to make even a small room functional.
  2. 3D visualization of the future look.
  3. Accurate calculation of construction materials.
  4. Wide range of materials and color palette.

Estimate for the renovation of an apartment in a new building

The estimate shows the apartment renovation cost. It is a table containing the full calculation of materials and the cost of works required for the renovation. The estimate allows you to determine the exact amount to be spent on renovation or remodeling. This table is based on the design project. It is also required to assess the general condition of an apartment before the renovation. The estimate is made so that you could compare your financial capabilities and the upcoming expenses.

Our company’s professionals will help you not only to develop a unique design project, but also to make a preliminary cost estimate with our partners.

Architectural Supervision

Architectural (or design) supervision is a type of quality control that allows to identify and quickly eliminate any deficiencies in the course of renovation works. The expert controls the compliance of any activities with the project. Supervision is necessary to ensure that workers will not deviate from the project, but perform all the works strictly in accordance with the plan. Our company provides architectural supervision over finishing works.

We are pleased to offer you unique design projects and help you with estimates and architectural supervision!