Bedroom interior design

A bedroom is a place where homeowners can enjoy a peaceful rest, solitude and healthy sleep. Only homeowners have the right to enter this room. So to say, this room is an intimate place, where it is possible to hide from all problems and other people.

For a truly comfortable rest in a bedroom, it is necessary to create both cozy and comfortable atmosphere in the room.

Tips for planning a bedroom interior

It is important to properly use the space in the bedroom to create a comfortable atmosphere. It is also necessary to decide on the style of the bedroom interior. The interior should create a feeling of safety and shelteredness. Thus, the color palette should not have bright and vibrant colors - solely soft tones allowing to relax completely. As for curtains, it is better to choose dark shades. The fabric should be soft, but sufficiently dense. Make sure the curtains are in harmony with the bedroom walls.

You should choose the bedroom furniture with great care. The bed should be not only spacious, but also comfortable for a good sleep. A bedroom suite is also necessary. We recommend you to place a small table next to the bed, a wardrobe, where the homeowners could place all their things, a drawer chest for personal belongings.

Married couples should pay attention to the beautiful romantic style characterized by pink, but not very bright tones. Bed linen should be made of either velvet or silk. You may buy small lamps and other sleeping accessories to make the room cozy.

For some people, a bedroom is a place where they may enjoy reading their favorite books. If you also like to read interesting books before a sound sleep, we recommend you to create a small corner where you could place all your books. You also need special lighting to protect your eyes while reading. A bedside lamp or a floor lamp would be enough. When creating your so-called mini-library, you should pay attention to soft colors, shades of coffee, chocolate - a very good option to make your library corner not only useful, but also beautiful.

We do not recommend to buy large mirrors for such room. Soft carpets will help to create comfort. Bedcovers and pillows are must-have objects in the bedroom design. Soft covers are a great opportunity to make the bedroom more comfortable.

You may design your bedroom following the advices, or you can just contact Olga Mudryakova Interior Design Studio.