Two-level apartment design

The design of two-level apartments differs significantly, for example, from the design of a three-room apartment, so it’s quite risky to make the design by the owners themselves. There are many tasks, and all of them are complicated.

It is necessary to decide on the style, zoning of the rooms and ensure the overall harmony of the apartment, but at the same time not to make all the rooms too uniform. In order to avoid unpleasant consequences, you should rely on the designer.

Design project of a two-level apartment

A two-level apartment has a staircase. It can be of different types: flight stairs or screw stairs. Today, floating staircases are also popular. Regardless of the type of staircase installed, it always catches the eye, so it should look stylish and be in harmony with the overall interior of the apartment.

As a rule, there is a living room on the first floor. However, today, a living room is often combined with a kitchen for more convenience. If a large family lives in an apartment, a lot of space in one room would not go amiss. It facilitates the reception of guests. In some cases, on the first floor, you can create your own workplace, or, for book lovers, a mini-library. A bathroom or a separate kitchen on the first floor is also a good option.

On the second floor, in most cases, there is a children's room, a number of bedrooms and bathrooms. Sometimes the family prefers the design in the same style, but if the tastes of the family members are different, a special interior may be created in each room, without breaking the overall harmony in the apartment. In rooms with a large floor area, several zones can be created. For example, when it comes to a children's room, this room can be divided into a recreation area, a place to play, and a working area. In case of ordinary apartments, such zoning is not easy.

In this type of apartments it is very easy to organize a dressing room. There will be a separate room where the family members may store their clothes and shoes, without cluttering other rooms with such things. As a result, much more ideas may be brought to life in a small two-level apartment than in ordinary apartments. And if you use the services of a professional designer, you can create a perfect apartment.

Benefits of collaboration with our company

Everyone wants to live in a spacious apartment, for this very reason more and more people now are interested in two-level apartments. They look amazing. They are spacious and comfortable. You can make various experiments in terms of the design of the apartment to create the house of your dream.

  • We will help you to bring to life the ideas that will allow you to live in a stylish and, what is more, comfortable apartment;
  • Experts take into account such details as the location of windows and doors, the location of various structures and other important elements;
  • We follow fashion trends in design;
  • Experts do not implement the ideas that are interesting to them. Each client’s request is necessarily taken into account;
  • All construction and architecture rules will be strictly followed;
  • Since the apartments of this type are suitable for large families, there are a lot of opportunities for the apartment design. Design of a two-level apartment is a challenging job due to the large space. Only a professional is able to do it well.

It is quite possible to make an ideal, in the homeowners’ opinion, layout - a large floor area gives such an opportunity. Any ideas of the client may be implemented with the right approach. Thought, the difficulties will certainly be. However, professionals can cope with this task.

The exact cost of a design project may not be specified, since the calculation is made on a case-by-case basis. Determining factors in the project cost are the size of the apartment and the owners’ wishes in terms of the style. Call us!

Call us!
  • Designers of our studio work until the client is satisfied with the final project.
  • Rely on professionals in the interior design to be amazed how chic may look your small apartment.