Four-room apartment design

Owners of four-room apartments are lucky - in the interior of the apartment they may bring to life various fantasies.

Mostly, families live in four-room apartments, so it’s quite difficult to decide on the interior design - each family member has own ideas, needs and point of view on the beautiful design of the room.

How to make a good design project?

Designers of Olga Mudryakova Interior Design Studio rely on certain rules. These rules allow to create the interior of your home appealing to all owners of the apartment:

  • Regardless of the room in question, in any case, it should be separate. Personal space for the owners is extremely important.
  • All elements in the rooms should be a good match to create harmony.
  • In no case should the space be cluttered. Order is the key element of a beautiful apartment.
  • Comfort is certainly important in every room, but we should not forget about the functionality.
  • Despite the fact that such an apartment is huge, in some cases, at least a small layout is required.

Why rooms are combined? To expand the space. Today, an open layout is rather popular, whether it is a small two-room apartment or a four-room apartment. Use the Pre-Design Proposal to make a good layout for your apartment. Today, a kitchen and a living room are often combined, so you can invite a lot of guests, and none of them will feel uncomfortable.

If your family is creative, you can combine a balcony with a dining room. Our experts are creative people, so it is not a problem for them to create an authentic apartment.

Tips for the design of a four-room apartment

Some housewives do not have enough space in the kitchen, not only for cooking, but for all the necessary equipment. This problem may be easily solved by reducing a hallway width.

Most of the homeowners who decided to combine a living room and a dining room purchase a bar counter - this is not only stylish, but also fashionable. The bar counter allows you to organize wonderful parties.

Families with a child should choose the largest room as a children’s room. With good interior design, your child will not feel uncomfortable in the room. He will have enough space for sleep, rest and entertainment.
Business people often have to work at home in a relaxed atmosphere. As a study, you can use either a loggia, or combine a workplace with a bedroom — a special arch will help in this.

Order is important in spacious apartments

Each owner wants not only to feel comfortable at home, but also to see the perfect order. In case of a four-room apartment, it is not difficult to make an ideal order - you can use one small room as a closet or a dressing room. Thus, all the things will be in the same room, but not scattered around each room. However, only you should decide on the design project you need. Our experts will only give you a clue as to fresh ideas and help you to implement them.

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