Consultation of a Designer before the Purchase of an Apartment

If before the purchase you have doubts in terms of the initial layout of an apartment or a house, if you want to use inefficient square meters, if you have any questions as to how to take advantage of any specific features of the structures, if you do not need detailed drawing documentation, but you need practical advices and outside point of view, you can order a designer's consultation.

Interior designer's consultation is a professional service rendered by Olga Mudryakova Interior Design Studio at the request of clients. We will help you choose one of two or three apartments with the most successful layout and assess its potential.

Below we give an example of actual communication with a client:

"Olga, good afternoon,
I need your help as a professional. We cannot choose one of two apartments. Please, look at the layouts in terms of:
- the potential of the initial layout for renovation with minimum investments
- the possibility of placing an extra bed for guests
For us, it is still important to maximize the functional use of space!
I would be grateful for your prompt response, since the decision must be made today."

Answered questions (a part of the text):

"... The floor area of the apartments is small, so each meter should be used rationally. When choosing a successful initial layout for renovation with minimum investments, the option 1 (46.5 sq.m) is the most advantageous. The advantage of this apartment with an uneven balcony is a large floor area of the rooms, and, what is more, their width, which means that it has a better potential than the option 2 (46 sq.m). The corridor in the option 1 is much smaller, but nevertheless it is also possible to arrange a dressing room there. In the option 2, where the entrance hall is larger, the entrance area will be useless, as the doors are almost along all the walls, and there is also a large empty space in the middle. So it is almost impossible to use such square meters functionally. A split bathroom is also a bonus of the option 1."