Office interior design

Office design should appeal not only to the employees, but also to the customers. With what to begin an office design?Of course, with a Pre-Design Solution. This service allows to assess the potential of the premises and correctly arrange the furniture, taking into account your wishes.

Modern office design should be convenient, since the productivity of the company’s employees depends on how comfortable they feel in the work conditions.

Office design and engineering

In design of this type of premises, you should follow several important rules if you want the office to please you for many years:

  1. Under no circumstances, the focus should be made solely on the comfort of the executive office. All employees need to have a comfortable workplace. But how to do it? You should develop an appropriate layout plan. Of course, the executive should have a presentable and distinguishing interior, but ordinary employees should not be forgotten either. You should pay attention to the presentability of the premises not only from the point of view of employees, but also from the point of view of clients and visitors of the office.
  2. You should not forget about the standards. We mean fire safety, appropriate illumination, WC facility and other important aspects. The office should be, first of all, functional, and then stylish.
  3. The provocative style of the office space “scares off” and makes it difficult to concentrate on work. It is necessary to make the premises stylish, but you should not cross the line between the style and the provocative design. Business atmosphere is what should prevail in the office. But it also should be cozy and comfortable. If the office is too conservative, the premises will be faceless. Compliance with all such important rules requires a professional approach.
  4. Modernity and image - that is what the office space needs. Before, many offices were of the same type in terms of design. But in the modern world, the uniformity is completely out of fashion. Each company should have its own image, including in terms of interior. We are talking about an exclusive interior that makes your company special.
  5. Recreation area is a necessity in every office. Often, executives do not create such zones, believing that it would significantly decrease the productivity of employees. However, every employee has the right to a short rest. Continuous work result in the performance impairment.

What can we offer?

If you have not yet managed to decide on the design of the office, our interior designers can help you with this both in St. Petersburg and in any other city. We offer projects developed according to the current trends, but also taking into account all the wishes and requests of our clients. Should you have any questions regarding our collaboration, please, do not hesitate to contact us.

  • Turnkey renovation;
  • Options for a design project for office premises;
  • Separate project for an executive office;
  • Design of a conference room and meeting room;
  • Interior of a client reception room, hall, rest rooms for office visitors;
  • Interior of a warehouse and corridor;
  • Consultations on how to create a professional design project for an office.
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  • Designers of our studio work until the client is satisfied with the final project.
  • Rely on professionals in the interior design to be amazed how chic may look your small apartment.