One-room apartment design

Professional design of all rooms in the apartment allows to visually expand the space. Since the space is very limited, each centimeter of the total floor area should be used wisely and effectively.

The space in a one-flat apartment is very small so every centimeter of the total area you need to use wisely.

Design of a small one-room apartment

Actually, it is rather complicated to develop a good design project for a one-room apartment. The apartment should be adequate and comfortable to live. Proper allocation of functional areas - that’s what you need. One-room apartment can serve as a compact two-room apartment.

Another way is to increase the usable floor area by combining a room with a kitchen. Then, it will only be necessary to divide the resulting rooms into functional areas. Areas for cooking, for rest, and for the workplace. Joining a balcony or a loggia is also a good idea. Though, sometimes difficult to implement. You may not avoid heat insulation, proper sound insulation and glazing. You should not use a balcony as a closet cluttered up with various pieces of furniture.
When living in a small apartment, you should keep in mind three rules:

  1. Comfort;
  2. Functionality;
  3. Rationality.

There are many tips for the design allowing to make the apartment look authentic and stylish, but at the same time be comfortable.

Modern design of a one-room apartment

Even small one-room apartments may be made stylish and cozy. The most important is to be right about the interior designer. A good design project may be only developed by a qualified professional who has extensive experience in design. You only need to express your ideas and wishes, and the designer will bring them to life.

Design project of a one-room apartment

  1. First, you need to familiarize yourself with the contract and contact us;
  2. Then it is necessary to measure the premises as accurately as possible;
  3. If a family lives in the apartment, it is necessary to discuss all the ideas and wishes with all members of the family and complete a questionnaire for the designer, so that each member of the family lives in the dream apartment;
  4. Today, there is a wide range of design styles for an apartment (contemporary, Scandinavian, loft), so familiarize yourself with them and later decide on the style;
  5. Sketch (visualization) is an integral part of the design. Sketch should be included the plan of all premises in the apartment. It also shows the layout of furniture, household appliances, sockets, lighting equipment and other necessary accessories;
  6. Further, the project is discussed and agreed upon. And only then we prepare the drawings.
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  • Designers of our studio work until the client is satisfied with the final project.
  • Rely on professionals in the interior design to be amazed how chic may look your small apartment.