Architectural supervision in the interior design

Your comfort directly depends on the interior design of your apartment or house. Or if you own public facilities, your profit from services depends on it. If you want to have a cozy and comfortable home, you should contact us.

It should be noted that the cost of architectural supervision under the design project is always at the affordable level and on average is about 30,000 rubles per month.

Architectural supervision in the project implementation

Our company specializes in the development of design projects for residential and public premises and may offer a full range of professional services at affordable prices. In addition to the development of a design project and execution of related documents, we provide the architectural supervision to all clients. Architectural supervision in the interior design allows not only to complete the work on time, but also to translate into reality all the slightest details of the project.

If you want to enjoy help of our experts in the course of renovation and finishing works, you just need to sign an architectural supervision contract, but, first, you should ask the experts for the approximate cost of such service. The project designer will supervise the step-by-step implementation of renovation and finishing works, so the result of work will exceed all your expectations.

In addition to the supervision over all stages of works, the project designer may also assist you in choosing furniture and decorative elements to create an optimally comfortable, functional and luxurious interior.

Our Interior Design Studio will help you turn your shop, beauty salon, hairdresser or residential premises into a beautiful and functional facility. If necessary, just contact us and order the development of a project and the architectural supervision in the interior design from our best designers.