Interior design of a three-room apartment in Rich'Art Club Residential Complex

The design project of an apartment with a floor area of 92.5 sq. m in Rich'Art Club Residential Complex was developed in the minimalistic, but cozy contemporary style. The concept of the design was based on the principle of space preservation, where the space became an independent interior unit, just like the furniture around. For this purpose, it was decided to give preference to laconic built-in storage areas decorated with profiled golden handles and shelf finishing. The kitchen suite was made in the form of a single, almost monolithic unit, but with the full functionality.

We would like to add a few words about the principle of selection of furniture. In addition to its direct function, it serves as an independent art object being a functional adornment of the space. This approach allows to create a single complete image without the use of additional decorative fixtures, while keeping the room airy and spacious.

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