Interior design of a three-room apartment in Graffiti Residential Complex

The design project of a three-room apartment with a floor area of 76.6 sq.m. in Graffiti Residential Complex was developed for a family with two children. We made a bright space in soft pastel colors with elements of the Scandinavian style creating the homely home.

In the kitchen-living room there is a big bright corner sofa, where all the family members may comfortably sit and rest. It should be noted that the back of the sofa serves as a line dividing the kitchen-living room. A low-level wooden module in the center is used as a coffee table. In the visual center of the living room with white decorative bricks there is a suspended cabinet with a bookcase and a TV. In the kitchen area there is a corner suite with white and turquoise facades, the image is completed with a bright shelving unit for souvenirs from family trips. The bedroom was made in pastel colors with wood elements. The room furniture includes a bed, a suspended cabinet, a dressing table and a sliding door wardrobe. The wood texture of the headboard makes the space cozy, and the delicate pink shades add special romance to the room. The children's room for two girls (5 and 10 years old) is small in size, but despite this, the light color palette allowed to create the light and airy space. Headboards of different colors and shapes soften the symmetrical layout of the room. In the center of the wall there are two desks with drawers for school supplies, over them there are shelves for textbooks with illuminated work surface.

The estimate for the design project of the apartment (furniture, lighting, tiles, etc.) is available at link.

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