Design of a two-room apartment in Legenda Residential Complex on Yakhtennaya Street

The design project of a two-room apartment in Legenda Residential Complex was developed for a couple expecting a child. We offered several options for arranging the furniture. The clients selected the one including the demolition and construction of walls. A very bright combined kitchen-living room is the main place of rest for the clients.

A comfortable large kitchen, an extendable table, a sitting area with a sofa and extra seating places on the extended windowsill, a large number of bookshelves and a free-standing piano - everything was taken into account within the low budget. The couple also have a dog, for which there is a place in the hall and a shower in the small bathroom for washing the paws after the walk. For preservation of the space in the wet areas, a washer and a dryer were placed in the hall in the cabinets. Also there was a hole for access to the meters. The bedroom and the children's room are very small, but we managed to place everything required according to the terms of reference. As a result, the apartment was designed in the contemporary style with the predominance of wood and warm cozy shades.

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