Interior design of mini-hotels, apartment and motels

Development of a design solution for a mini-hotel is a challenging and comprehensive task.

Mini-hotels are usually not built from scratch, but are located in ready-made buildings. Therefore, the designer has to work with the available premises.

Design of mini-hotels and motels located outside the city or in the roadside area

Aside from expensive (high-end) recreation complexes, such mini-hotels and motels do not have a lot of space. Thus, the primary objective of the interior is to visually expand the available space so that the guest does not feel “imprisoned in a cage”. So, the room should have functional areas. However, they should improve the comfort not only of guests, but also of the staff.

  • For a mini-hotel you can, without any doubts, buy hotel furniture. Since it has three important features, it is comfortable, reliable, and multi-functional. The most important thing is that the furniture does not occupy a lot of space.
  • As for the color palette of the room, here it is necessary to take into account its floor area. For visual expanding the room, the appropriate illumination should be selected.

Interior of apartment hotels and apartments for rent

If you want to make your apartment really interesting for those who want to stay in your city, it is necessary not only to keep it clean and tidy, but also to think over its design, so to speak, “attracting” potential guests. First of all, you need to think about the appropriate zoning using the Pre-Design Solution. You should not save on the reliability and functionality of the furniture. We also recommend you to buy finishing materials of high quality, as the look of a worn out apartment is unlikely to attract guests.

With the help of professionals of Olga Mudryakova Interior Design Studio, your apartment will become both comfortable and functional. And a homely atmosphere will be your main advantage. Often, people choose not a hotel, but an apartment just because of the homely atmosphere. Our professionals are ready to create it in your home!

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